Psychology is the science of behavior and mind. While psychological knowledge is often applied to the assessment and treatment of mental health problems. Therefore, we have started a new Journal to put together the psychological knowledge of Psychologists all around the world in one place.

As our Journal is newly established, our Publication Manager Team would try their best to form a strong readership connection between the authors and the readers from the beginning.

ATSK aims to form a platform for researchers to publish their valuable research in effective and efficient way. It welcomes researchers from various verticals to publish their papers and share information on a secure forum. 

You should know that to run the Journal, we charge the processing fee and your processing fee helps us to maintain the quality of our service. Our staff is involved in several jobs like composing, uploading, publication department and web etc. Beside this we pay for DOI to Crossref, hosting, domain and VPS server we have no funding from government or private sector, therefore we like you to Pay us $100 inc Bank charges which is paid to these agencies. Thanks